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Learn English in Cyprus

XYZ School will help you improve your command of English while you’re staying on the island of Cyprus

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Improve your English during a holiday on Cyprus

With a large experienced staff of native speakers, we provide our customers with teachers that are selected specifically to meet t learner requirements. Our teachers give lessons to both adults and children aged 3+. The customer can choose from various formats: the classes can be held in his/her flat, apartments or hotel, on our territory, or in any other place that would be convenient. We also offer teaching in groups or family mini-groups. The knowledge gained during the classes can be used straight away in Cypriot bars, restaurants or shops. That is why Cyprus is an ideal place for intensive learning of English where your progress will be visible in no time.

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will suit anyone

For tourists

We often want to raise our level in the fields of our interest, be it sports, cooking, dancing or foreign languages. However, the rush of daily life makes it virtually impossible as we simply have no time for it. We offer you the opportunity to learn English while having a holiday. Even if you’re not planning to stay long, you can hire a personal tutor and have, for example, 5 lessons a week. Then the result will be visible in as little as 10-14 days. Since English is the second language of communication in Cyprus, the knowledge you have gained during the day can be used in the evening while you are out for dinner or shopping.

There are many UK native speakers of English in Cyprus, so the prices for British teachers’ services are quite moderate. Don’t miss out on our offer!


For children

It is common knowledge that children learn better in the course of playing. That’s why only the teachers who love games work with children at our school. And certainly, they are all native speakers. So the children naturally start speaking and understanding because they are eager for the game to continue. Our teachers will help your child get better prepared for school or they can also start tuition ‘from scratch’ which includes training correct British pronunciation.

Plus, while your children are busy learning the language, you will have extra time for yourself – just what parents on holiday need!


For locals

We guess it’s obvious for anyone living in Cyprus that it’s difficult to do without English here. Due to the country’s ethnic diversity, even knowing Greek is, unfortunately, not enough. But our teachers can help you with that. Each and every one of them is a native speaker. Our teachers use special programmes, one of which is chosen for a particular customer.
We work with both adults and children. It is also possible to arrange lessons for family groups. Our teachers will be happy to come to your place or to meet at their place of work.


Group lessons

XYZ School also provides the option of group lessons – the more the merrier! Our best teachers are at your service. We test your level beforehand (it’s free of charge) and choose the most suitable programme. The classes are held in the village of Deryneia or Sotira, both within a 10-minute drive from Ayia Napa. For small groups of 2 to 5 people, it is also possible to arrange lessons at the customers’ abode or ‘on neutral ground’ (a cafe, for example). Such classes have distinctive benefits: you can either meet new, interesting people or have a good and useful time together with your friends or family. And certainly, the price will be lower compared to individual lessons.


Make your Cyprian holiday useful

XYZ School is a good opportunity for you to improve your English on holiday, to correct your pronunciation or to prepare your children for school

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The school teachers are native speakers

Our teachers use special programmes, and one of them is chosen for a particular customer. We work with both adults and children. It is also possible to arrange lessons for family groups. Our teachers will be happy to come to your place or to meet you on their territory.

Our teachers

Flexible ways of learning

In your flat, apartments or hotel

For your convenience, our teachers are ready to come to your location, be it a hotel room, a lobby bar in your hotel, or apartments. You won’t have to go anywhere; just choose the time that suits you best. It could be, for example, the hottest hours when it’s not recommended to be in the sun; or it could be some time in the evening. Feel free to suggest your own personal schedule, and we will try to make your lessons as comfortable as possible.

In XYZ School rooms

We also give lessons in our classrooms. XYZ School is located near the town of Paralimni, which is approximately a 15-minute drive from Ayia Napa. We offer individual or group lessons. Such format has an undisputed advantage: our classrooms are thoughtfully equipped with learning materials, workbooks and games. They will help make the classes really exciting.

In XYZ School apartments (live-in)

One of the options provided by XYZ School is live-in learning. Our teacher, a native speaker, will meet you in his/her villa and spend with you as much time as you want. All communication will be in English. This, beyond doubt, will significantly raise your level of spoken language. Besides, it’s an interesting and fascinating pastime. You will be able to learn a lot about Cyprus: about local life, culture and traditions. Just ask the teacher any questions that you may have. On top of that, other teachers will come to the villa every day to give you lessons in what can be called ‘a classical way’. But hurry up: we only take a limited number of students.

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