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Sherry was born in London, UK. A beloved mother and grandmother, she specialises in teaching children aged 3+. Sherry’s classes are held in a playful form, with the use of learning materials, audio files and English tabletop games. So even the youngest are never bored at her classes. Sherry also has a vast experience of teaching students, including her work in the hosting family format.


Alex comes from Sheffield, UK. A mother of 3 children, she gets on very well not only with adults, but also with little kids and school students. Her teaching practice is over 10 years, and she has a TEFL certificate received in 2010. Alex specialises in both extending the students’ basic knowledge and preparing them for international exams.


Born in Liverpool, UK, Andrianna is currently a student of English literature. She takes an active stand in life, and that makes her classes very dynamic and intense. Andrianna is particularly good at teaching pronunciation and colloquial language. She also speaks Russian a little, which may ease communication with Russian students, especially children.


Joanna was born in Birmingham, UK. She is a mother of two teenagers and gets on very well with children. Joanna has been teaching for over 17 years and has had a TEFL certificate since 2002. She specialises in preparing students for international exams and in teaching children and teenagers. Joanna is a wonderful, heartfelt teacher who is always fully committed to work and seeks to achieve the maximum result. All her students mark quick and steady progress from her classes.


Becky is a professional teacher from the UK. She has a TEFL certificate and a teaching experience of over 25 years. Apart from being a tutor, she currently also teaches foreign students in Cyprus. Becky has a vast experience of working with children, including the ones of pre-school age.


Born in Ireland, Olivia is now living in Cyprus. She received a TEFL certificate in 2010 and has since been working as a teacher. Currently she is also a student of English literature. What makes Olivia’s lessons really exciting is that her students are involved into discussions of the latest English books and films, which helps them enrich their vocabulary very quickly.

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